Boilermaker Expo

Made it out to the Expo yesterday. This is gonna be my 4th boilermaker, but my first Expo. Enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere compared to the general insanity of race day. Still amazed to see just how well organized the boilermaker team is. Bravo!

New to me was the station for verifying the working order of your timer chip. After you pick up your packet, they’ve got the mats for the timer system setup so you can verify your information on file is correct. You wave your bag over the mat and it blips up your name, age, city, and state on the screen.

My buddy asked if the computer folks they were taking bribes to change ages. I said I don’t care if folks know how old I am… but, do you take bribes to shave some minutes off my time?

Can’t wait until tomorrow! Not really looking forward to the 5:30 am start, but I’m sure it’ll all be worth it.





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