Operation: Morning Run, Day 2

Some people think running 5 miles is crazy. Some people may think that running 5 miles before work is crazy. Some people thinking running 5 miles before 6 AM is crazy. Seems just right to me.

Nothing too eventful in this morning’s run. Even though it was pretty cool (about 65) it was very humid; surprised it wasn’t more foggy. I’m getting more comfortable with running at this time of day. I was tempted to bring some music, but I didn’t want to spend the time fumbling around my computer room find my Ipod and headphones. Maybe I’ll add the music gear to my pile of gear that I try to lay out the night before a run.

I’m considering getting one of those hyper-reflective safety vests. I’m guessing there’s only 2 kinds of drivers on the road at 4:45AM: those just getting home after a late night, and those just getting up (probably before they get that glorious first cup of coffee). Better safe than sorry.





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