photostamps? bah!


I was expecting some cool photostamps for my wedding thank-you’s in the mail today. When they didn’t arrive I decided to check my order status. Hmm, Order Cancelled, Uploaded Content Rejected!

What the? How could a picture of Sandy and me (in our wedding finery, none-the-less) be objectionable?

Turns out the fine folks at the post office changed their allowable content to the following:

  • Babies or Children that appear to be pre-teenagers
  • Pets and Animals
  • Business and Charity logos or graphics
  • Landscape and Wildlife
  • Vehicles

They then specifically spell out “Currently we are not accepting images of adults or teenagers.”

I know this was not the case when I viewed the site initially (they even had sample picture of bride and groom; that’s no longer on the site), but I can’t guarantee that it was like that when I actually placed the order. All the other samples on the site have been doctored to follow the new content guidelines.

My guess is that somebody with too much time on their hands ruined it for the rest of us by uploading a copyrighted image or one of somebody with itchy speed dial access to their lawyer.

geez, what a waste of time.





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