hey, that doesn’t suck!

my keyboard on my pc at home outlived its usefulness (a number of stuck keys, driving me nuts) so I decided it was time for a new one.

I found this one for a steal of a deal at amazon:

Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard

I like the ms ‘natural’ keyboards and the price is right. I’m normally not a big fan of all the extra ‘media keys’, but I thought I’d give ’em another shot. So I ordered it up, and it showed up uneventfully yesterday.

I use iTunes as my primary player these days (mainly for the easy conduit to my iPod mini). hmm, the keyboard has a media player button (and media control buttons: ff, rew, play, pause, etc). so, I resigned myself to trying out the new windows media player, which I thought we be the default association for what the keyboard thinks is the preferred player.

I pressed the media player button on the keyboard and was pleasantly surprised to see iTunes fire up. whoa, that’s cool. pressing on, all the media control buttons work too! Wow, a MS product that might not suck. Well, at least I haven’t found the part where its sucks yet. Thinking acquiring another keyboard to replace the one at work too.





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