Category: Web Development

  • Giving hoot the boot

    My faithful minions report that the way I was syndicating my blog posts to twitter, HootSuite, provided a less than optimal click through experience on links that I posted in the blog.  Many times, links would result in an empty HootSuite frame. I don’t get enough traffic to mine anything usual out of the reports…

  • For those who open source code while imbibing…

    noidontdig / gitdown Yep, a coder specific breathalyzer!

  • Inspiration calling

    Adactio: Journal—Inspiration calling. The story of two sites that look suspiciously similar.

  • James Bond 007 Cars Evolution

    James Bond 007 Cars Evolution | Evans Halshaw. Cool content and presentation.  Innovate scrolling and animation.

  • Calendars on Squarespace

    New Feature: Calendars — The Official Squarespace Blog. Great stuff!

  • Geo for Bootstrap

    Geo for Bootstrap, a Timeless Theme by Divshot. Thank goodness those days are (mostly) behind us.

  • ProTip: Use Firebug in Detached Mode

    I’m not sure why, but I’ve always run the Firebug Firefox debugging tool in attached mode.  That is, connected to the browser window that its analyzing.  Today, I tried it detached (in its own window.)  Man, a zillion times better.  Far less scrolling, and way nicer to see additional context.   Wish I tried that sooner.

  • End the CAPTCHA Agony

    End the CAPTCHA Agony | Are You a Human. Haven’t encountered one of their challenges yet, but looks a like novel solution to the CAPTCHA problem (make text hard enough for a computer to try to decipher, but not hard enough to be annoying to real humans.)  Instead of having human to try to read…

  • Nice, Microsoft…

    So I visit with Firefox 19 on Ubuntu (released today, in fact) and got that message.  IE doesn’t run on Ubuntu, and I’ve already got the latest Firefox.  Ugh.

  • – awesome color picker · Swatch you doing?. I think this will be my new color experiment tool.  via