Category: Video Games

  • Puzzlejuice

    Puzzlejuice | iOS Game of Champions. Totally agree with its tag line, “Puzzlejuice is a game that will punch your brain in the face.”  Stupid Starbucks free app of the week.

  • Play Wonderputt, a free online game on Kongregate

    Play Wonderputt, a free online game on Kongregate. Fantastic original mini-golf game.  You have to keep playing to just see what happens next.

  • Epic Stop Motion Animation with Post-Its

    Man, that’s a lot of work.  I need to find me some of this ‘free time’ stuff that all these folks are always talking about.

  • Gaming 2013

    I’ve been a little bit of video games recently. Not on a console, or computer, but the Mrs’ iPad.  I sneak in bits of Carmageddon (with the sound off, naughty language) when I need to blow off stress.  Running over helpless pedestrians is a great mood booster. Recently I picked up Doodle Truck 2. Simple,…

  • Discovery Bay Duo Pinball for iPad

    Discovery Bay Duo Pinball for iPad – Apple Store U.S.. Nice!

  • Steam?

    Oh yeah, MacHeist came with some Steam games in the bundle.  Unfortunately, Bejeweled 3 was one of them.  Home productivity surrenders.  Its an incredibly simple matching game, but very addictive. Ok, let just see how this game works on Steam.   Zip, there’s an hour gone.  Damnit.

  • Not right now, I’m busy…

    Carmageddon for iOS out now, free for a day | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Oh, hell, yeah.

  • Ah, Carmageddon… Good Times

    Nothing beats a 3d racing game where you have three ways to win: Beat all the opponent cars. Nothing special here. Destroy all the opponent cars. Crash ’em, smash ’em, push ’em off cliffs, push them into land mines. Kill all pedestrians. Yep, give up racing completely and just run people over. Yep, that’s Carmageddon,…

  • Cool Flash Game: Leo Steel

    Geez, how much fun can you have with flash game that uses only 1 button? Check out Leo Steel to find out. Great way to kill a few minutes or hours. Good thing I didn’t find that at work.

  • Interesting: Recycling Nintendo Controllers

    Ah, harkening back to the days of my youth, I remember the Nintendo Entertainment System had a ton of cool alternative controllers like the PowerPad (kinda the grand daddy of the Dance Dance Revolution), the PowerGlove, and the funky Uforce (infrared motion detectors). I thought some of the controller ideas were kinda neat, but they…