Gaming 2013

I’ve been a little bit of video games recently. Not on a console, or computer, but the Mrs’ iPad.  I sneak in bits of Carmageddon (with the sound off, naughty language) when I need to blow off stress.  Running over helpless pedestrians is a great mood booster.

Recently I picked up Doodle Truck 2.

Simple, fun, and retardedly addictive.

And finally, Real Racing 3.  Freaking, amazing.  I’m doing the career mode, starting off driving a Focus ST.  Graphics are excellent, and steering by tilting the iPad works way better than you’d guess it would.  The sound is also very well done; as you’re tooling along you can even hear the turbo spin up.

Now, for the real kicker.  Total outlay for those 3 games?  $0.00.  Carmageddon was rollout freebie (but totally worth the $3.99 to buy it now.)  Doodle Truck 2 was a Starbucks pick of the week.  RR3 was a limited time freebie right on the app store.  Good stuff!

Maybe its time to add a second iPad to the Crowther house?





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