Category: Food

  • Is there no more delightful a sound?

    Than mixing up shell pasta and cheese sauce when scratch making Dinosaur Shepard’s Pie?  Must restrain from just gorging on the mac and cheese part during assembly.

  • Hello, my new tasty friend

    Was looking for Redd’s Strawberry Apple Ale, but nobody seems to have it in my area.  I’ve seen Woodchuck Ciders before, but I’m pretty sure the Granny Smith variety is new.  Kinda what you might be expect, super tart.  Get past the first few pucker inducing sips and it evens out nicely.

  • Big Ball O’ Shrimp Scampi

    Shrimp scampi on the grill?  Yep.  Tasty, but I think over did a bit on the garlic. Home grow cherry tomato garnish.

  • Let’s Give this a Shot

        Orange Spice Iced Coffee. Not bad.  Very subtle flavor.  Not what I expected.  Likely to repeat.

  • Hmm, wonder if the kids would eat Tabbouleh?

  • Kid Plates

    Getting kids to eat, especially when they’re hot and cranky, has been a challenge lately.  Not sure why, but simple stuff, like making fun arrangements on the plate goes a long way for some reason.

  • Ribs are Easy!

    Not sure why, but I’ve never made ribs until just now.  Super easy.  5 minutes per side on the grill, then into a the oven with a bottle of barbque sauce and a bottle of beer for 2.5 hours (won’t repeat on a hot day though.)  Super easy, super tasty. That’s BBQ Ranch chopped salad. …

  • Big Boy Lunch!

    On the menu today: water, banana, ciabiatta bread, and cheese sausage.  Surprisingly, the latter wasn’t a big hit.  Everything else went down the hatch though.

  • For all the meatloaf lovers out there…

    Especially, Sandy and Tiffany.  Left over meatloaf on fresh ciabatta with barbque sauce.  Yum.

  • Pizza Night!

    Stop the presses: Rodeo Pizza- Ground beef, bacon, barbque sauce, and onion rings.