Birthday Fun!

So, recently we were at our Safeway grocery store getting a birthday cake for Luke.  Going through the checkout lane, the cashier asked who the cake was for.  Luke quickly stepped up and report that it was his birthday and his sister’s birth day was last week.  The cashier’s eye lit up and she said, “ok, what are your names?”

“I’m Luke and this is my sister, Jillian.”

Cashier then casually picks up the phone and dials the extension for the intercom.  “Attention Safeway shoppers, can you please help us wish Luke and his sister Jillian a Happy Birthday?”

A small cheer went up from the folks in the immediate area.  The cashier turned back to us and smiled, “I have to have some fun while I’m stuck up here.” Then she handed each a candy cane.

A minute or two later, the intercom chimed in again.  “Happy Birthday Luke and Jilly from everyone in the deli department!”

These Safeway folks are the best.





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