TrackMania Sunrise

I got wind of TrackMania Sunrise via a recent CNet update. Its basically a 2005 version of the game Stunts (that’s the only Stunts related page I could dig up in a quick Google search) we though was all the rage back in 1993. I thought the graphics were too good to be true (see these screen shots), so I was tempted enough to suffer through the 209Mb download. The original Stunts fit on half a floppy!

Looks and plays fine on my non gaming optimized pc (2.8Ghz, 1Gb Ram, old video card). The instant replays with vapor trails are a hoot. It has some interesting stunts like upside down jumps and jumping vertical surfaces that I haven’t seen before. The 3d stuff is also very well done; I like how you can skip across the water at bit before you sink in.

Didn’t have time to mess around with the track editor yet. But, team that up with network multiplayer, and you could have a grade a hoot-n-nanny of a time. Geez, I think I might have to drop the $45 on this complete waste of time.

Update – A few links down on that Google search page was a link to a downloadable version of Stunts. The page claims that its Abandonware, but I’m not sure, so download at your own risk.





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