Blue Floyd

Spotted a plug for Blue Floyd in a the pinkfloyd2 group at Yahoo. Their sample cuts sounded pretty interesting, almost like cross between Pink Floyd and Phish. They were in the Syracuse area a few weekends back; unfortunately, I couldn’t talk anybody in going to the show.

Somehow, I stumbled on the fact they’re taper friendly. The delivery medium this time around was flac (which I’ve used before) over BitTorrent (which I haven’t crossed paths with previously). I started off with the client recommended by the etree folks (Azureus), but I couldn’t get it to play nicely with my router/firewall. It hit 10’s of Kbps, and said it wouldn’t get much faster until you let other folks swarm download from your copy.

So, I grabbed the official BitTorrent client for Windows XP. Holy crap, what a difference. Started off pretty slow, less than 10KBps. But ramped up quickly to 550KBps! Might be helped by the fact the boot I was interested in (the Syracuse show, hehe) was brand new and had a lot of seeds. The next show I’m downloading is currently grinding along at 8Kbps.

Enough with geek stuff, on to the music. Blue Floyd is quite an interesting concoction. Part Floyd, part blues, part jazz, part jam band. They seem to like to start off with a Floyd tune, different into some other songs and jam sessions, and work their way back to Floyd in the end. I can imagine these guys would be pretty good to see live, but I also think they’d kinda attract a stoner crowd (I’ve been to way too many Dave Matthews concerts). If you’ve got a little time kill, they’re definitely worth the download.





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