Good times at the Syracuse Polish Festival

Took the kiddos down to the Syracuse Polish Festival.   I’ve always wanted to go since I’ve lived in Syracuse, but never seem to make it.    It was a gambling taking the kids to a place that doesn’t have their staple eat out foods (chicken nuggets and pizza), but I got the Polish Platter from the Utica Polish Community Center‘s food tent.  It had pirogi, kielbasa, sauerkraut, bread, and galumbki and hoped for the best.

Jilly as expected plowed through the kielbasa, pretty much on her own.  Luke was interested in the galumbki.  I thought there’s no way he’ll actually eat it.  After the first fork full he was completely sold.  He the rest of it himself, including most of the cabbage wrapper.  I was pretty stunned.

Couldn’t get either of them interested in the pirogi, though.  Oh well, at least I got to enjoy them myself.  Both them also got a big kick out of eating outside, sitting on the steps of the Post Exchange building.

After that, we picked up a nice Poland hat for my bother and lucked out to be last in line for the guy who was making balloon animals.  Good times!





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