Setting gnome-do summon binding on Ubuntu 14.04

There’s a bug somewhere with gnome-do‘s key binding set up interface.  It wouldn’t let me set <Control>space as for the summons action (which I’ve used pretty much since the down of time, or at least as long as I’ve been using Quicksilver on Mac.)  At first I thought it was a conflict with an existing short cut, but I couldn’t find anything mapped to that key combination.

After some digging, I found you can edit (all?) of gnome-do’s config from gconf-editor.  Just navigate to apps > gnome-do > preferences > Do > Interface > AbstractKeyBindingService > Summon_Do and type in the value <Control>space.  The other stumbling block that was that you need to shut down gnome-do before the configuration changes from gconf-editor to stick.

With that out of the way, now I can back to dialing in my fresh 14.04 install.





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