Serious Tunes: Apocalyptica

A while back, I stumbled on Apocalyptica. 3 words: heavy, metal, cello. Doesn’t get much harder than that.

They’re probably most known for their Apocalyptica Plays Metallica album. I thought it was pretty good, but then I found some of their original material, which is even better. I’ve been enjoying them frequently on my iPod while running and at work (both at very high volume, hehe.) Motivational, inspirational. Definitely worth checking out.

Looking forward to seeing them live sometime, but no US tour dates yet.





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  1. […] A while back I found Apocalyptica, good stuff.  Today (via fark), I stumbled on Judgement Day (sic).  Same idea, but equally interesting.  Their trailer video on youtube rocks.  Looking forward to some good stuff from in them in ‘07. […]

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