Shout out to Dewitt Fire Department

On our weekly grocery trip, sometimes we see a Dewitt Fire Truck in the parking lot of the grocery store.  The kids love getting to check it out up close and personal.  Today, as we were walking up on the truck, the fire fighters were just returning to the truck.  Unprompted, they asked if the kids would like to check out the inside.

Uh, well, duh.

So, both kids to sit in the shotgun seat for a few minutes.  Jilly liked it, Luke looooooved it, grinning ear to ear.  After saying thank you’s, another fire fighter came around the back of the truck with kiddie helmets and coloring books.  Both kids were polite and again said thank you.

Thanks again to Dewitt Fire Department for taking 2 minutes to make my kids day.





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