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Great quote from Roi:

Let’s take it to the next level…. What you did yesterday was yesterday. This is what we’re gonna do today.

Also, Body on Lover Lay Down:

There’s a couple of songs like that. For me, “Lover Lay Down” is a song that reminds me of LeRoi. I remember it was the day after he died and we were playing a gig [August 20, 2008 at Staples Center in Los Angeles] and it was a tough gig. But then we got to “Lover Lay Down” and I just lost it; I had to leave the stage. I went backstage and I just broke down. That was a song that I always thought LeRoi’s heart was completely in. There’s a lot of songs, but I think in that song in particular LeRoi’s heart was there.

FYI- Lover Lay Down was the first dance song at our wedding.





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