Non-optimal Start

Upload a lot last night with a sick kiddo.

She’s been coughing a lot lately, but that’s almost normal with her seasonal asthma.  She was acting otherwise normal, so I wasn’t too worried about it.    When I got home from work yesterday, her brother felt hot (even though he normally runs pretty hot) so I took his temperature.  He was normal.  Took her temperature on a whim, since I already had the thermometer out, and eek, 101.

Gave her some tylenol before quitting time, and she seemed to get off to sleep ok.  Then woke up every hour or so.  Think she was just having a hard time getting comfortable.  Poor girl.

I slept an extra half hour, but still feel kinda beat.  Was packing up to roll out the door, and one of my fine kitties barfed heroically.  For once, he actually opted for the kitchen floor, rather than an otherwise carpeted floor.

Hopefully, my day might get better.





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