Found It!

So, a while back, we bought a DVD copy of Jilly’s favorite move, the Muppets Take Manhattan (necessitated by the untimely demise of our DVR’s harddrive, where we stowed a copy for over a year.)  We watched it a couple of times, then one day, it went missing.

We tore up the whole living room looking for it.  Not near the TV stand, not in or under the couch, not under the edge of the carpet.  I was pretty sure that it never made it out of the room.  We eventually stopped looking and gave in that it eventually had to turn up some day.

Last night, I got ambitious and finished up my 3 year paused painting project in the living room.  To get good access to a corner I had remove the cover for a cold air return.  Lo-and-behold, what was lodged in the vent?  Yep, that silly DVD.

It was pretty beat up from its trip through the vent cover.  Some seriously fugly scratches.  Surprisingly, it still seems to play fine.

Now, we need to further interrogate the rugrats to see if we can eek out the perpetrator.






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