It’s Official. Hell has frozen over. Pink Floyd reunites.

Between MTV and, I got to see Pink Floyd’s performance at Live8. Breathe, Money, Wish You Were Here, and Comfortably Numb. Freaking amazing.

Even thought its been 24 years since the last time they all played together, you’d hardly notice. They were very tight and all in very good spirits. I was quite moved. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a reunion tour is in the works. If so, I’ll make this tour, whatever it takes. I’ve got 11 years of regret for missing them last time through.

One of the camera guys at the concert was obviously a Floyd fan.  One of the sweeping pans away from the concert pointed straight to the Battersea Power Station.  For the non-Floyd fanatics out there, the Battersea Power Station is on the cover of thier Animals album, my personal favorite. At the link above, I just learned that they’re repurposing the building for more modern use. Great that they’re preserving this import piece of Floyd history for future generations.

Update– Video highlights from Live 8 are available here, including all of Pink Floyd’s performance. Cripes, what a hassle. Videos don’t work in Firefox, and it took 3 tries for the required ActiveX gadget from AOL to install. Check it out if you missed ’em; otherwise, nothing new to see here.





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