Kid Craziness

Every time you think you have a handle on kids, they find new ways to make you nuts.  Luke had a fever last evening, took a nap, and then ended up going to bed late (10:45).  At 2:20, he woke up howling.  I was guessing that either his ibuprofen ran out, or a stuffy nose was preventing from enjoying his pacifier.

So, I make into his room and in the dim of the nightlight, I can see spots all over his bed.  Oh, great, pukes!  Then I put the light on and see that its blood stains everywhere.  Then I pick him up and see his face all covered in blood!

Turns out it was just a nose bleed, thankfully.  He wasn’t a big fan of the facial clean up (like most kids, he hates having his face wiped), but seemed to not to be phased too much when Mom was done.

I’ve had squeamish problems with blood and guts stuff in the last 10 years (nothing before that though, oddly.)  I was doing fine with most of the carnage, but got a little weak in the knees holding Luke during the extended cleanup process.





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  1. Chris Bailly Avatar
    Chris Bailly

    Thought I’d do a closer read of your blog and sure enough found the nosebleed section. Oh the joys of parenthood)

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