Welcome Luke Leroi Crowther

A little ahead of schedule, our second child arrived as an early Christmas present.  Introducing Luke Leroi Crowther!


  • Arrived: 12/24/2011 @ 7:26pm
  • Weight: 6lbs 10oz
  • Length: 20″

Both Mother and baby were happy and healthy after launch.  Jilly total loves her new “baby brotha” and is always asking to hold him.  The cutest thing ever is when he’s crying and she says “Baby Luke, its OK.”

Luke is a name that we’ve both liked for a while.  Leroi is a combined tribute to my dad Leroy Crowther (LEE-roy) and the late saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band, Leroi Moore (LA-roy.)

A week into our new adventures, I’m happy to report to that we seem to be settling in to our new schedules and challenges just fine.





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