Meals on Wheels of Syracuse Website Re-launched

For the last few weeks, I’ve been giving Meals on Wheels of Syracuse a hand modernizing their website.  Yesterday, we flipped the switch to make the new site live.

Their old website had a lot of good information on it, but organization and presentation were poor.  Previously, the site was straight HTML managed haphazardly with Dreamweaver.  The new site uses the Squarespace CMS platform.

With the initial version of the site in place, the Meals team can more easily update the content on an ongoing basis.  Additionally, they can now integrate their site with their other social media efforts like Facebook and youTube, improving their social media traction.  The modern platform also gives them responsive design that makes their content usable on desktops, tables, and smartphones, out of the boxes.

Meals on Wheels is a fantastic service organization;  I’m happy to join my boss (who’s been volunteering for deliveries with them for 10+ years) to lend a hand.  They really make a difference in the community.  I’d also like to thank my other boss, who helped get the network details worked out to move the site to its new home.

Plug: If you’re looking to rebuild your site and want a tool to make it fun, easy, try Squarespace, you won’t be sorry.  14 day free trial (no credit card needed), easily import your existing blog content, and class it up with high quality templates.






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