Gone in 60 Seconds…

No, not the movie, David Gilmour concert tickets…

davidgilmour.com reports:

US tickets gone in 60 seconds
Thanks to the power of computing technology, the remainder of the tickets via TicketMaster for David�s US & Canadian dates were apparently sold within a minute at the weekend, with some hopefuls unable to purchase tickets online even at the precise opening time. Apologies for not having been able to flag up the full details of box
office opening times, but there was a technical fault with our server from Friday until today.

We can only hope that this mini-tour gets Dave excited about touring again and maybe add some more dates. Or, in my dreamworld, try to get all of Pink Floyd out for another round. Nobody ever thought they get back together, but they all showed up for Live 8. I can only imagine how much tickets for a new full band Pink Floyd tour would be. Regardless, I think I’d still sell my left arm to go…





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