Good Sunday

Had a pretty good day today.  Spent a bunch of time with Jilly, freeing up the Momma to work on some schoolwork.   In the morning, I took her for a stroller ride and the mostly closed mall (the only stores open were Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and surprisingly the  Apple store; filing that away for future reference.)

Came home and made some pizza role for lunch.  Also put together some kit box lemon bars.  Jillian was tired as all get out, but not in the mood for a nap.  So into the backpack she went.  It only took 10 minutes to put her out.  End up doing a 90 minute walk.

Could see and hear bits of the running portion of the Syracuse Ironman Triathlon.  Pretty good crowd support even 8 hours after the race started.  Saw some traffic backup, but there didn’t seem to be that many folks super annoyed.

After some time rolling around the floor, Jillian seemed to be puttering out again.  Turned out to be just a fake out.  One bottle later and she was raring to go again.

With the bar-b-que season drawing to a close, I figured it was a good time to grill up the pile of meat that’s hanging out in the fridge for a few weeks now.  Pork chops, chicken, an odd steak, and some kabobs.  We polished off the kabobs for dinner.  We’ll work the rest into other dinners this week.

The sun finally started to peek out and clear up the gray sky that had been out most of the day.  Jillian was a little fussy after her prune (better her than me) and cereal dinner, so we decided to go on another walk with Momma.  Only about 45 minutes this time.  Shortened a bit from the intended hour by an overdue poo from you know who.

A major clean operation and a bath later, Jillian was rubbing her eyes.  We kept her up until 7:50 just to be sure it wasn’t another fake out.  Goodnight kisses and 6 ounces of formula later, she was down for the count.

I still miss running (especially after hearing the crowd support at the race today), but I’m totally enjoying walking an hour a day with 26 lbs on my back… while getting my neck scratched up and my ears tugged as she giggles da-da-da-da-da all the way.





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