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You know, the do do do one, right before the girl says, “they’re back…”

We just put Jillian down for a nap.  She was kinda sleepy after a naptime bottle, but not ready to completely drop off.  So we put her in the crib and left the room.  We heard her playing around for a bit, then quiet.

Then, all of the sudden, we here the wind up mobile hanging over the crib fire up and start chiming away.  Hmm, curious.  Jillian can pull herself up and stand in the crib these days.  So, we guessed that she was dragging the mobile around.

A few minutes later we stuck our heads in to check on her.  She wasn’t standing up and tugging on the mobile.  She ripped it completely off its mount… and was chewing on the wind up motor.

We’re not quite sure how she got it the mobile disconnected from the arm it formerly hung on.  Its a pretty tight eyelet and hook type affair.  If you just pulled straight down on it, you’d like the break the arm before the hook would let go.  Very strange.

Needless to say, the remnants of the mobile were disconnected and added to the outgrown pile.  Sniff…





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