VW Eco Performance CC Concept

Interesting, VW is making pondering a new performance version of the CC (via).  The enhancement is via a new 3 stage turbo that lets you dial in your fuel economy versus performance; nifty idea.  On the low end, Eco Mode gives you 222Hp at 33/27 MPG.  On the high end, Full Power Mode, gets you 313Hp (they didn’t list MPG though; guessing its not so great.)

The interesting part is that the engine itself is still the venerable 2.0L 4 cylinder that I’m totally enjoying in my ’08 Passat.  For me, 200Hp is more than enough for daily driving; probably too much, actually (I’ve accidentally squawked the tires a few times!)  but, I’d love to see what Full Power Mode feels like.





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  1. Samuel A. Falvo II Avatar
    Samuel A. Falvo II

    33MPG? That’s it? In the 80s, cars were regularly hitting 50MPG. They were lightweight-enough to not need all that HP either; you can still get the performance with a smaller engine.

    http://www.aptera.com/ — How about 150MPG? True, it’s all electric and aerodynamic as hell, but, still — it blows the snot out of the VW’s allegedly “eco” challenge.

    And there is the Mazda 3, wherein I get 30MPG on average, due to the city driving I do in between freeway stints. On a pure stretch of freeway, I get 34MPG. It’s got plenty of that Mazda Zoom-Zoom action too. I’ve chirped the tires three times by accident already. 🙂

    I guess I’m just responding to the whole “eco”-thing. So many companies don’t gave a rat’s @$$ about eco-anything. They just use the name in conjunction with mere =token= measures to improve fuel economy to capitalize on the current environmental situation.

    Give me a high milage car with reasonable performance that I can use today. I don’t care about the drivetrain. I only care that it works. Right now, pure electric appears to be the only solution to the problem. It’s a pity I cannot afford such a car at the moment.

  2. jasonjcrowther Avatar

    Yeah, 33MPG is nothing to write home about for a true eco car. But, you got remember Passat is a semi-luxury car. There aren’t many cars in the same space that get the same power and economy out of 6 cylinders.

    If I were looking at something more in the real eco friendly, I’d probably look toward the VW TDI’s (currently just Jetta, probably Rabbit soon.) Clean diesel and low 40s for mileage. Sadly, they’re pretty far of their original claims of mileage in the mid 50s.

    But the way, the bigger tires on the new Passat are awesome on dry and wet pavement. But snow, eeeeek. May have to consider getting some snow tires.

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