Starbucks Bad

Actually, other than their prices, they’re really quite nice. A fancy new standalone shop just opened down the street from me (on route 11, next to the Rite Aid, formerly Eckerd, formerly Sweetheart Market…) Good thing we’re moving to the other side of town in the near future.

Yesterday, I went in for the first time. Very nice interior. Lots of comfy chairs that I could see myself whiling away many hours in. Really like the marble mosaic tell backsplash behind the counter.

Today, I hit up the drive thru. Oh man, that’s convenient. At 6am, there were no cars in line, so the entire drink acquisition took only 45 seconds. Geez, I have to bar myself from doing that again, I could get used to that way too easily and go broke draining cup after cup of their delicious coffee.





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  1. Chris Avatar

    This could get expensive, especially with your gold plated wife in tow. I would enjoy while you can on a limited basis. Thank-God the Border’s near your new house doesn’t have a drive-through.

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