Simpsons Avatar Smack Down

Keeping with the movie frenzy, I stumbled on 2 different tools that let you make your own Simpsons characters: Avatar

Geez, I don’t think I’d giggled so much in a long time. Pick sex, body shape, hair, eyes, noise, mouth, and clothes. Fun to go back after you’ve made yourself and see what you’d look like Snake or Krusty hair. AvatarQuick Cellphone Cam Snap

MikeV at Purplewire gave me a shout about this one. I couldn’t find it a first because I was looking Simpsonizer, not Simpson-ize-me. Hmm, this one had the potential to be a lot more interesting, as you start with a photo upload.

I snapped a quick picture with my Macbook webcam and gave it a shot. Unfortunately, the site either didn’t like my picture (I think it probably didn’t like the black background) and gave me a humorous error message about the some doohickey not being connected right.

I gave it another go with a fresh picture from my cellphone camera (the pic on the right above) and it seemed to make it through this time. I was twitching with anticipation as it counted down a timer for about 2 minutes. While I was waiting it gave me some general questions to help iron out the details like sex, age, body shape, etc. The completely automatic pick wasn’t bad, but really just some generic stuff that would be pretty hard to get wrong.

After the big reveal, they give you just about the same options for customization in terms of characteristics, but they seemed to have more interesting options. Another 15 minutes of giggling and I was done.

Verdict – Even though Simpsonizeme had more better customization options, I’m giving the gold to Simpsonsmovie because you can just hop right in and start building.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on yours. If you do, put up on flickr and put your link in the comments, I’d love to see what everybody comes up with.





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  1. Samuel A. Falvo II Avatar

    Bugger! your blog can’t handle exclamation points in links. Jason, you’re going to need to edit that previous comment if you want folks to link directly to the page without cuttin’ and pastin’.

  2. jasonjcrowther Avatar

    What the devil? An exclamation point in a URL? Didn’t even think that was legal. Gonna have to check with my local police department on that one…

  3. jasonjcrowther Avatar

    Hmm. I didn’t check the RFC yet, but on a hunch I swapped out the literal exclamation point for an entity escape and that seemed to fix it. Stupid blog software, it’ll never catch on.

  4. MikeV Avatar

    This was harder than I thought it would be.

    Here is Simpsons Mike though. He kinda reminds me of Simpson Agent Mulder. Oh well 🙂

  5. jasonjcrowther Avatar


    and Anthony:

    are now on board.

    I also added a the pwSimpons tag to make them easier to see as a group.

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