Rock’n Band: Umphrey’s McGee

Recently, while digging through the Live Music Archive for something new to listen to, I stumbled on Umphrey’s McGee (excellent website too!). I had see the name a lot on both the Live Music Archive and etree; mainly when I scroll past them to find Dave Matthews Band stuff.

This particular time, I stopped on their 20070228 show. I saw Baba O’reilly (aka Teenage Wasteland) from the Who, in the set list. Hmm, don’t think I ever heard anyone cover that before. So I gave the show a spin. A huge shout out to the Live Music Archive for their awesome in page flash player. Hold the phone, we’re on to something here. These guys rock. Intrigued, I listened to the rest of the show.

Hmm, what else can these guys do? I scanned for some more shows. I was pretty intrigued when I saw 20070303. Oh yeah, baby, covers of Pink Floyd‘s the Thin Ice and Another Brick in the Wall. Now we’re talking. Good stuff. They go traditional with just enough of their own stylings to keep it interesting. They also rock on with Neil Young‘s Cinnamon Girl. To wrap up that show, they also pulled off a great cover of Nirvana‘s In Bloom.

So, for the last few weeks, I’ve been digesting a show or two per day. Its been a while since I was excited about a band, but these guys have been doing a pretty good job keeping me entertained. I came for the covers originally, but their originals are pretty spicy on their own. A little hard to describe; kinda like a jumble of Greatful Dead, Dave Matthews Band, phish (though I’m not enough of a fan to know for sure), Rusted Root, and some others I can’t put my finger on. My current UM originals are Party’n Peeps and Resolution.

Check ’em out, I bet you’ll dig ’em.

Keep listening and you’ll find more excellent covers:





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