Panera Crispani, Thumbs Up.

Been meaning to try Panera Bread’s new Crispani pizzas. Picked a couple on the way home from work last night. I had the sausage/apple, it was very good. Sandy had the roasted mushroom. I had a bite of hers and that was also dynamite as well. Size-wise, they’re comparable to a personal flatbread from unos. 2 pizzas was $19.42. Thumbs up.

I was kinda bummed when they said it would be a 20 minute wait. But, they give you an order marker and have you take a seat at a table. I was wishing I brought something to read. I used the time to get acquainted with the gmail mobile client on my phone a proceeded to get caught up on some mail stuff. 15 minutes later, I was pleasantly surprised when someone came out with my pizzas and I was on my way.

I also saw they offer free WiFi. Looking forward to whiling away some weekend time there with my laptop in the near future.





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