FC5: A little progress

Quick update today. Got printing to work. After some googling around, I found lots of advice that the gnome printer config utility was pretty flaky, I blew away my existing CUPS config (generated by the gnome utility) and ran the CUPS config utility (localhost:631 in the browser) straight up. A minute later it spit out a test page. I tried printing from Firefox and that seemed to work fine to.

I gave printer sharing via samba a quick shot, but realized I have some other samba setup stuff to get working before I should worry about shared printing. But with the printer working locally, it shouldn’t be too big a deal.

Did mess around just a little more with Parallels. Phew, I was able to just restart Parallels and the Win XP virtual machine after the crash from the day before yesterday. Got through the first round of windows updates. Went to start the second round and kaboom crashed again. Nutz. Maybe I’ll try qemu.





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