John Mayer / Maroon 5 Concert

Saw a John Mayer / Maroon 5 / dj Logic show Tuesday night at Darien Lake.

The show was great. We missed most of the dj logic show due to late arrival. Not really my kind of music anyway, so no tears shed. Maroon 5 was very entertaining and did a good job getting the crowd revved up. They basically played their whole album (I guess that’s what you do when you have only one album).

The John Mayer show was really good; far better than when we saw him last year. I like both his folky acoustic stuff (kinda Dave Matthews-esque) and blues/rock electric stuff. This show was about 40/60 between the two styles. He normally works in little snippets of Stevie Ray Vaughn electric blues in a few songs, but in this show he played a whole SRV song, ‘Empty Arms’ (not sure if it was an SRV original either, but he had success with it). He did stevie proud with his rendition, especially with contorted facial grimace’s during the complicated solo parts. I was plesantly surprised to see how much the crowd enjoyed it as it wasn’t his normal subject matter and most of the crowd probably never heard of SRV before. Its great to his legacy live on in many younger players (like John Mayer, Johnny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepard, and many others.)

John Mayer also brought dj Logic back out for another super jam session. I think it might have pop r/b classic song, but I wasn’t familiar. It ended up with a 10 minute fusion jazz funk solo trade off between John and dj. Uniquely entertaining.

The one odd ball part of the show was that during Maroon 5 and John Mayer’s performances, they had a person signing for the hearing impaired. Haven’t seen anything like that before.





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