The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Caught the execellent Pink Floyd tribute band, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, last night. They’re pretty good. They rambled straight through all of Dark Side of the Moon, a few selections from Wish You Were Here, Fletcher Memorial Home (from the less popular Final Cut album), a very energetic Careful with That Axe, Eugene (complete with 20 foot high inflatable kangaroo), Sorrow (with an interesting substitution of varilight effects in stead of the real band’s trademark lasers), and wrapped things up with Comfortably Numb and a 4 foot disco ball.

I like my concerts loud, and there was no disappointment in this respect. We sat in the pit, about 10 feet way from some big bass bins. Their rig was very loud (but not painfully), and very clear. I knew it was gonna be loud after hearing the late afternoon sound checks from my desk at Purplewire (which is upstairs from the Landmark Theatre). The visual stuff was pretty good. They had about 20 stationary lamps and 40 varilights, 2 projectors. All in all, very much worth the price of admission.

If you missed the real band like I did (why, oh, why didn’t I make that Dome show in 1994?), this is probably your best bet at recapturing the Pink Floyd concert experience.





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