• Daaaad

     “I can’t go to school today. I’m sick. I’ve got hiccups.”

  • B.B. King, blues legend, dies in his sleep at age 89 in Las Vegas

    Knew it was coming, but it still makes for a super sad day for music.  I was lucky enough to see him live 3 times. RIP. “King of the Blues” legend B.B. King is dead in Las Vegas at age 89, his attorney told The Associated Press. Source: B.B. King, blues legend, dies in his sleep…

  • Welcome to the Jungle

    otherwise known as the woods on the block behind our house…   

  • Onondaga Lake

    Panorama from the end of the Creekwalk Trail. Not a bad picture for my 2 generation back cell phone.

  • 117 Takes get one decent group shot of two kids.

  • Halp!

    ok, that’s why you shouldn’t play in the toy bins.

  • Nom nom nom…

    Oh, yeah, I forgot. Wegmans has free chocolate chip cookies for the kids on Saturday mornings. BTW, first mostly successful weekly grocery trip flying solo with both kids.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any of the fancy kid friendly carts available.  So, half way through #1 had to do some walking instead of having her normal…

  • Seasonal Brew

    So, pumpkin beer?  Surprisingly less yuck than I would have guessed.