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  • San Francisco Deja Vu

    Was catching up on digg, and spotted this little post: unfortunate placement of yahoo ad. Har dee har, nerd humor (404 is the error code for a web page not found, for the non-techies out there.) The image was hosted on flickr. The previous picture in the set caught my eye. Hmm, that looks like […]

  • San Francisco Trip Pix

    Finally got around to putting pictures from my recent trip to San Fran for the Web 2.0 Expo (full report on that coming soon) up on flickr. Have at ’em: Downtown San Francisco Winchester Mystery House (more info on this tourist trap) I’ll be adding some descriptions and geo tags over the next few days. […]

  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

    Last weekend I was lucky enough to make it out of wintery CNY for a trip to Phoenix (Arizona, not NY, wise guys) for my brother-in-laws wedding. On the day of the wedding I had some downtime while the girls were off doing their prep stuff; so, I found it the perfect opportunity to duck […]