Category: Food

  • Conjoined

      I hate when both my pizza rolls explode together in the oven.  Still tasty, none-the-less.  

  • Chicken is also good with pancakes

    Chicken and Waffles may be a thing, but popcorn chicken and pancakes ain’t bad. Of course, everything is better with bacon, too.

  • A little bit of this and a little bit of that

    Tomato red pepper clam sauce? Yum!

  • Naan Pizzas

    Ever since trying out the Black and Blue Cheeseburger pizza, we’ve been hooked on naan pizzas on the grill.  Tonight, for the kids I made one with half meat sauce, half blue cheese dressing, pepperoni, bacon, and black olives; and for me, it was just meat sauce, bacon, and caramelized onions.  Yum all around. Before…

  • PornBurger

    PornBurger | Burger Perverts Welcome. Mercy me, those look exotic and tasty. via

  • Bacon Method Revisit

    I’m a firm believer in the Bacon Method.  Today, I tried the foil variation: I think I like.  Makes things a little crispier in the same amount of time. But, the bigger win might be clean up.  After everything cooled down, I put the paper towels I used to drain the bacon on the foil,…

  • Grilled Cheese Evolved

    3 Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches have been a hit our house lately. The keys to these tasty morsels: sourdough (or ciabatta) bread. the secondary grill step.  after getting things toasted on the outside, cut on the diagonal, and give them another minute or two cut side down. Yum!

  • Breakfast of Champions

    at least of I’ve got the Motts.

  • Yummy coffee!

    Returning a Starbucks grocery bag for a free tall, I gave Casi Cielo a shot.  Man, super tasty.  Its good brewed in the store, but even better Aeropressed at home. Guatemala Casi Cielo® | Starbucks Coffee Company.

  • Damnit, couldn’t resist…

    Sexy new coffee cup for work.  Modelled with freshly Aeropress’d Komodo Dragon.