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New Design Methodology: Live Redesigns

Eh?  What’s a Live Redesign?  Its pretty simple.  Blow away your current CSS styles and let your audience live with the unstyled content as you work out the new design.  I saw it first on Simple Bits, but now other players are giving it a go.

I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to follow in their footsteps, but it might be a nice kick in the pants to get the process rolling and follow it through to completion.  I have a vast collection of 50-70% complete designs that I either lose interest in, hate after staring at them for a while, or just never have the time to finish.

Cool Web Technology: DabbleDB

Making my bi-weekly scan through CssMania, I spotted DabbleDB. At first, I thought they were just another webified ASP version of Microsoft Access (there are a bunch of them these days, along with some simpler open source projects that attempt to do the same.) They are kind of like Access, but with a lot smarter and easier for joe public to use.

Be sure to check out their 7 minute demo video, you’ll be impressed. They upload a CSV file and automagically create a database structure from it. Then they do a bunch of database schema changes like changing field types and normalization never having to get into any gory details. Doing this kind of stuff for a living, I’m very impressed how well they’ve put things together. Good job!

Cool Link: Transparent Screen Backgrounds

Here’s a cool link (via Slashdot): Transparent Screen Backgrounds. Take a digital picture of the area behind your monitor, crop and resize it until lies up visually with the area of your computer screen, and set it to your desktop wallpaper. Some of the example are pretty wild.

I’d try it myself, but with my Windows XP dual monitor setup, I get the same wallpaper on both screens. Anybody know of any utilites that allow you have different wallpaper on each screen, like you can with Gnome/KDE?