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Gaming 2013

I’ve been a little bit of video games recently. Not on a console, or computer, but the Mrs’ iPad.  I sneak in bits of Carmageddon (with the sound off, naughty language) when I need to blow off stress.  Running over helpless pedestrians is a great mood booster.

Recently I picked up Doodle Truck 2.

Simple, fun, and retardedly addictive.

And finally, Real Racing 3.  Freaking, amazing.  I’m doing the career mode, starting off driving a Focus ST.  Graphics are excellent, and steering by tilting the iPad works way better than you’d guess it would.  The sound is also very well done; as you’re tooling along you can even hear the turbo spin up.

Now, for the real kicker.  Total outlay for those 3 games?  $0.00.  Carmageddon was rollout freebie (but totally worth the $3.99 to buy it now.)  Doodle Truck 2 was a Starbucks pick of the week.  RR3 was a limited time freebie right on the app store.  Good stuff!

Maybe its time to add a second iPad to the Crowther house?

Ah, Carmageddon… Good Times

Nothing beats a 3d racing game where you have three ways to win:

  1. Beat all the opponent cars. Nothing special here.
  2. Destroy all the opponent cars. Crash ’em, smash ’em, push ’em off cliffs, push them into land mines.
  3. Kill all pedestrians. Yep, give up racing completely and just run people over.

Yep, that’s Carmageddon, the ‘Racing Game for the Chemically Imbalanced’ in a nutshell. I’ve been a fan since version 1.0. The newer editions are fun, but the I think the original is still the best. I could play all day, everyday.

Unfortunately, until recently, I haven’t been able to get it run on Windows XP. The game was originally released back in the days of DOS and Windows 95. It seems to install OK under Windows XP and begins to fire up under XP, but goes down in flames before the first race begins. Probably some time of graphics or extended memory problem.

Enter Glidos, a 3dfx driver wrapper for Windows XP. It was primarily designed make the original Tomb Raider work on Windows XP. Not only does it make Carmageddon playable, but you also get the high quality 3dfx version graphics. Even nicer, you can run it in a window. Its not 100% perfect, it locks up every now again; but, working most of the time is better than none of the time. The $10 registration fee was a no brainer.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get back to smashing things… hehe.

Interesting: Recycling Nintendo Controllers

Ah, harkening back to the days of my youth, I remember the Nintendo Entertainment System had a ton of cool alternative controllers like the PowerPad (kinda the grand daddy of the Dance Dance Revolution), the PowerGlove, and the funky Uforce (infrared motion detectors). I thought some of the controller ideas were kinda neat, but they never really had great game support in my opinion.

O’reilly Make (which I really need to subscribe to soon) has a fun article about turning these wacky controllers into MIDI musical instruments. Cool idea! With some interface hacking and some glue code built a pretty cool instrument. I’d really like to see a video of some real time music creation.