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Hoot Hoot

I’ve been using WordPress’ Twitter Tools and Social plug-ins to syndicate my blog posts to Twitter (which is sucked into my Facebook account further down the line.)

The workflow has been pretty good, but its got 2 problems:

  1. When you post via the WordPress bookmarklet, it doesn’t trigger the social broadcast options.  Not a horribly big deal, but I’ve been using that bookmarklet a lot lately.
  2. There isn’t a clear road map for syndicating to Google+

Looking around for way to pull off the second part, I found a Hootsuite.  It looks promising to replace both my existing Twitter syndication and add the missing Google+ syndication as well.

I haven’t delved too deep yet, but Hootsuite just sucks the goodness of WordPress’ RSS (or any feed generator) and pushes out the posts from their side.

I just wired up the Twitter part, lets see if catches this post…

Twitter Tools Update

Sometime ago, I noticed that my twitter integration plugin for WordPress, Twitter Tools stopped tweeting when I make a post here.  I checked to see if there were any updates and found that there weren’t any updates and that it hadn’t been been updated in a long time.

So I poked around to see what’s new, better, and faster in the world of twitter integration.  Turns out there’s a lot of plugins to choose from, but in most cases they’re pretty much garbage.  After some digging, I found Tweetable.

I got distracted for a bit and haven’t been able to sit down and get the old plugin out and the new in.  But, in the interim, my original plugin updated to a new major version.  So, I’m pausing on jumping ship, and gonna give the newer version of the plugin I was using a shot.

All I really need is the part that tweets when I post, and the widget that lists recent tweets.   But, the updated version of the plugin also does some new tricks like aggregating twitter and Facebook replies back into your blog.  That would be super cool.  But, baby steps for now.

Ok, where are those tweets at?

Hmm, so still no tweets on blog posts.  Turns out there’s a bunch of folks having the same problems with twitter-tools.  Just noticed that my Dreamhost config for this domain was still saying php4 (even though calling php_info() from a script in this domain reports v5.2).  I flipped that switch, but I doubt it will help.  I guess I’ll stab around in the dark some more until someone makes a debugging breakthrough.

Its about time…

Time is something that I’m pretty short on these days.  I’ve been meaning to do some work on the old blog for months it seems.  I’m finally blowing the dust off the keyboard and trying to get stuff back up to snuff.

Step one was to get all my wordpress plugins in order.  Geez, just about every plugin I use was out of date.  Most of them went off without a hitch.  A few needed some random voodoo of deactivating and reactivating.  The widget needed me to add an include for jQuery.

Next was catching WordPress itself up.  I was pleasantly surprised that the one click update worked as advertised.  No muss, no fuss.

I was getting a little tired of my hacked up version of the original Kubrick theme.  So, I’m gonna switch over to a slightly (ok, really slightly) hacked version of the new twentyten default theme.  Truth be told, I rather like it right out of the box.  I should probably comb through my iPhoto gallery and find my own photo to use in the header.  Baby steps, I know; but progress, none-the-less.

I did recently acquire Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes.  Hopefully, that’ll light a fire under me to do something a little more one-off.

Sad Story

Its a kinda sad story when the only work that I get to do on my blog these days is the occasional wordpress update…  And, I screw it up by forgetting to rename my template out of the way and watch it get overwritten by the default.  Oh well, fixed it so that won’t happen again.