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This Week in Running – v2

The good:  Yep, still at it.  Broken 100 miles for this streak on Wednesday.

The bad: My back is taking forever to get back normal.  Its to the point where it doesn’t bother much or at all during the run.  But after I’m done, I look kinda like Edgar the bug from Men in Black hobbling down the street.

The ugly: black toenail.  Either I need some new socks, or my current running shoes are half a size too big (probably should stop buying shoes on woot.)

Another 7 days, and another 7 runs.  Nothing particularly eventful, one way or the other; that’s kind of a good thing I think.  I’m not pushing things real hard, but I’m not taking it super easy either.  Something must be going right, because the time on my feet seems to fly by.

I’m pretty comfortable with my weekday routine route.  Its got just enough hills to keep things interesting.  Leaving at 4:25 its pitch black when I start and its just beginning to start to brighten when I return.  I’ve got a blinky light I wear on the back of my hat so folks coming up on me from behind can see me.  I’ve been doing without a headlight, but I’m seriously considering getting one as a lot of the streets where I run have limited street lights.  I’m less concerned about oncoming folks not being able to see me than I am about me running off the road or turning an ankle in a pothole.

At that hour of the morning, car traffic is pretty light.  But, through some strange cosmic alignment, me and the drivers always seem to meet up at intersections at precisely the same moment.  I try to wave the cars through (1. I’m not that important, 2. car vs. human, car wins.  It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong;  if you get hit, you get hurt.) Most drivers gladly hurry by.  Some drivers look at me like I’m from another planet, that a pedestrian is yielding to them.

Ok, that’s enough rambling for now.  I gotta go get moving again before I cease up.

Go big, or go home.

Maybe We’re Doing Something Right?

On Thursday, I was picking up #1 at school.  A teacher from the classroom next to hers came up to me and said “are you Jilly’s Dad?” “Yep, that’s me.”  Hmm, where’s this going?

The teacher said Jilly is so cute and says the funniest things.   The teacher said her classroom is special needs kindergarten and one of her students is moving mainlining back into regular kindergarten in Jilly’s room.   The new kid sits at Jilly’s table and she’s been helping him through tough times adjusting to new sites, sounds, and kids.  She said, “the new kid is shy, but super smart, just like my Dad.”  The teacher said the transition is super tough for her kid and Jilly being super kind goes a long way to help him feel better.  I graciously thanked the teacher for all the kind words.

On the same day, Luke came home from daycare with a note.  It starts with “You’ve been caught…” but continued with “…doing something great!”  Turns out after making a mess with some small toys with his cellmates, he stayed behind after the rest went to next activity to make sure everything go put away.

Its totally true that kids act differently between home and school; ours tend to be great at school and a wreck at home a lot of the time.  Super frustrating at home, but we’re thankful that they get along great with all their friends, frenemies, and troublemakers in their school lives.

I guess we must be doing something right…

This Week in Running

The streak lives on.  Today was the 21st consecutive day I’ve been running.

Had some rough days this week.  Last week, I had a non-running related injury to my back (not sitting correctly when holding a squirmy 4 year old during a nebulizer treatment at the dr’s office and strained something in my lower back)  Its been haunting me, but its every so slowly getting better.   I had a sympathetic pain in the foot opposite where my back hurts for a few days, ouch.  I’m to the point now where I feel it when I start and it goes it almost goes away after the first mile or two.

Thursday morning, I woke up on schedule and it was seriously raining and pretty windy.  Wind, rain, and 45 degrees, not such a great combination.  But, I checked the forecast, and it said things were going to calm down right about the time I normally roll out the door.  I was skeptical, but sure enough, the clouds parted just about the time I opened the door.  As usual, I was glad I got out in the end as turned out to be the first the day that my pace started to tick back down.

This morning, I wanted to stretch things out a bit and try a new course.  I intended to do something in 5 to 5.5 mile range, but missed a turn (can’t read street signs in the dark without my glasses, dammit) and ended up string things out to 6.7 miles.  The route I’ve been doing has a tiny hill in one spot. This route had a long and steady climb.  I got up it without much fuss, but could definitely feel it in my legs and lungs.  One of the roads I was on (Gregory Lane) has some pretty steep crowning on the edge of the road, may try to avoid that part next time.

Onward and upward.


My Triumphant Return

To running that is…

The last few years have been a kind of a mess with young kids and that whole relocation across country thing.  I won’t lie, food is has been my stress outlet during a lot of it, so on went the pounds.  After feeling like a complete lazy slob (as opposed to my normal state of part time lazy slob), this week, I started to run again.

I’m trying to start super slow so I don’t burn out out of the gate, or injury myself (and have an excuse to not run.)  So, I’ve been shooting for around the 30 minutes.  The first day out, my body revolted; it was not happy to leave its sloblike state.  The next day, I tried to get my preferred early morning (4:30, yikes) start time and was greeted by 41 degree temperatures and heavy drizzle.  The next morning it was dry, but only 36.

Surviving that rather rough start, I think I’m back on track.  Everyday sucks just a little less (words to live by.) The challenge now is to keep the streak going and not find excuses to blow off running.

Some observations on returning to running:

  • 4:30 is early.  Yeah, with my crazy schedule, I’m trading in sleep time for exercise.
  • 4:30 is dark.  I’ve been sticking to sidewalks in my somewhat street lit neighborhood for now.
  • 4:30 is quiet.  I like this part.
  • The first few days are the hardest.  Post those first few runs, I was hobbling around the folks in the Day After the Marathon Commercial.
  • My running related muscles seem to remember how to work, but how to breathe when running seems to be something I need to re-learn.  Other than on the first day, I haven’t been really out of breath, but have to concentrate on keeping breathing in sync with pace.
  • Getting out the door is hard, but I never regret running afterward. Its a great mood booster and energizer that lasts for hours.  Oddly enough, even though I’m burning calories, I’m less hungry.

Enough rambling and back patting for now.  Let’s see if I can keep my streak up.


Plug: Exotac FreeKey System

I’m not quite sure how I stumbled on the Exotac FreeKey key ring, I think it was a related link to something else I was buying on the Amazon a while ago.  At first, it looks like your everyday wire key ring, but upon closer inspection, its actually flat metal.  There’s also a permanent bend in the rings that allows you lever open the ring for adding or subtracting the sub-rings easily without using your fingernails as you would normally.

I’ve been carrying this ring around for a few months now and find it great.  Its super light and the bigger than normal main ring allows my keys lay flat in my pocket.  Now that I’ve started running again, I take just my house key with me (and leave the balance of my keys at home to lighten the load), so I’m adding and subtracting rings on a daily basis with zero hassles.

Totally worth the $7, check it out.