Monthly Archives: July 2014

Old School


Going through some old boxes, found a floppy disk (720k, no less) and QIC (wide!) data cartridge (good for astounding 420Mb.)   At this point, I haven’t own a computer with a floppy in 10 years and but I still have the drive tape for the tape for no obvious reason.2014-07-04 18.47.15


After more annoyances with Spotify (the web player), @vormwald said to give Rdio a shot.  I think gave them a shot a long time ago and found them nothing special (likely because their library wasn’t that big.)  But this time around the library seems to have everything I’m interested in, has a pretty good interface, and their scrobbler actually works.

I think Spotify had a way to embed playlists, but Rdio makes it dead easy.  Here’s a quick list of recent Electronic favorites, enjoy: