Monthly Archives: January 2014

Vox Music Player

Whoa, how did I not know about the Vox music player on mac?


Easy on the eyes, lightweight, plays FLAC, and scrobbles. Nice.

In case you’re wondering why I don’t have nearly as many scrobbles as I used to (because inquiring minds need to know), the plugin for Audacious (my preferred player on Ubuntu at work) has been broken for a while and I haven’t had the time or ambition to fix it.

Secret Sauce

After auditioning a few more calendar apps for iOS, I’ve settled on Fantastical 2.  I’ve been using it for a while on the desktop and its natural language parsing (ie: “Lunch with tom next tuesday at 12:30”) is second to none.

Out of the box, it worked pretty well, but I noticed some events from my wife’s shared calendar were missing.  I poked around a bit and eventually figured out that Fantastical just piggy backs on the existing iOS calendar configs.  Nothing obviously out of whack; I can see only some of the calendars that I know are shared to my Google Calendar account.

So, I consulted the Fantasical support FAQ.  Sure enough, they had an entry for my exact problem.  Turns out there’s a Google side config for what calendars to sync to your iPhone.  I turned on the calendars that weren’t being synced and restarted Fantastical (and the default iOS calendar app) and the missing events now appeared. Sweet!