Yearly Archives: 2013

WordPress Update

Just took the site offline for about 30 seconds to update to WordPress 3.8.  Man, updates through the admin interface are silky smooth these days.  (After backing up site and data) updates are a single no too scary button click.  Nice!

I don’t think there are many changes on the end user side of things this time around (especially since I’m sicking with my 2013 based theme for now.)  But, the admin side got a nice overhaul.  I like it.


Wow, sorta hard to believe but this is post #1000 for my blog.  Its taken 9 1/2 years, 2 blog engines (pivot and wordpress) and 2 hosting providers (host for 2 bucks and Dreamhost) to make it here.  Thanks for reading!  Onward and upward!