Giving hoot the boot

My faithful minions report that the way I was syndicating my blog posts to twitter, HootSuite, provided a less than optimal click through experience on links that I posted in the blog.  Many times, links would result in an empty HootSuite frame.

I don’t get enough traffic to mine anything usual out of the reports that HootSuite provides, so I’m turning it off for now.  In the meanwhile, I’m seeing if I can better syndication from a simple IFTTT recipe (if there’s entry in my rss feed make a tweet using the blog post name and URL.)

I also use HootSuite to syndicate to Google+.  I’ve gonna leave that up for now for the few folks who keep tabs on me over there.  Maybe someday, Google will add a post method to the Google+ API, so I can just do something myself.

One thought on “Giving hoot the boot

  1. One minor update. Changed the IFTTT recipe to include ‘New Blog Post’ in the tweet, so its a little more obvious that I’m not just forwarding a crummy random link.

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