Monthly Archives: May 2013

Newsflash, cars still suck.

First, returning to my car in the garage, yesterday, I found the guy parking behind pressed his license plate holder into my rear bumper (cars were still touching.)  Enough to leave a mark and probably enough to get called out on when I turn in the car from lease next year.  At least I was able to catch up with the errant parker.  Super, more insurance hassle to ensue.

Second, dropped the Mrs.’ wheels off for inspection.  Suspected it had a few problems, but turns out it needs new front brakes and has a busted spring in the back.   I needed to be revived after getting the $1600 estimate.  Ouch!

Please note, the Crowthers will soon be relocating from Terraceview rd, to living under a bridge on 481 shortly.


Jilly and Luke enjoyed the up close and personal viewing of a real helicopter and about 20 assorted trucks at Big Rig Day 2013. Cool idea to get a bunch of trucks together and little kids crawl over over them. Some trucks (and the helicopter!) had handlers that would even put the kids in and let them sit in the drivers seat.

2013-05-18 12.17.47