Monthly Archives: March 2013

Big Ole Pile o’ Puke with a Roof on It

Yep, that’s the Crowther house lately.

Both kids were (are?) veritable bombs ready to go off at any time.  #2 went off a few time during the day yesterday.  #1 waited until the middle of the night, letting go 4 times in 90 minutes (requiring multiple changes of bedding and pajamas.)

All the while, I’ve been feeling pretty trashed myself.  Nothing more exciting than cleaning up big piles of puke when you’re nauseated yourself.  Parenting is not for the weak, I guess.

Keeping fingers crossed that things will be a little less eventful and that the kids are on the mend.

Ruining the Magic

After watching a zillion different Muppet related clips lately, curiosity got the better of me and I started to wonder just how some of the muppets work.  Especially the ones like Swedish Chef how appear to have 2 fully articulated hands.  Be sure to watch all 3 parts.

Just need to make sure I don’t slip up and let the kids see these…


Its been a rough week.  Car accident (nobody hurt.)  Doing tons of insurance paperwork.  Getting now dead car to body shop.  Trying to get by on one car with the Mrs.’ wheels out of commission for a while and tons of appointments.  Sick kid not sleeping well.
And the icing?  Just after getting everyone to sleep last night, one of the cats messes up an aerial maneuver on my nightstand, taking out the clockradio, a lamp, my phone (which blew apart on impact on the floor) and about 5 other items flung into the far corners of the room that I can’t locate yet.  Of course, this was loud enough to awaken cranky kid.Said cat will not be sleeping during the day today.  Let me go fill up that squirt bottle now.