Monthly Archives: October 2012


Got the kids geared up for candy acquisition at Shoppingtown Malloween.  Jilly was a butterfly (can’t wait till Babci sees the pics) and Luke was a bear.

At the mall, they changed from candy dispensing at actual stores to a row of tables down the middle of the hall.  Trying to decide if it was a better arrangement.  Felt like there were a zillion more kids than last year, but it might have just been that everybody was more packed in together.  There were some log jams, but all in all, pretty fun for everyone.

Dodged a Bullet?

Far quieter last night than I expected.  At the moment, there’s no wind, and the sky is clear with a big, bright moon.

Latest path forecasts show Sandy is gonna track further west than previously expected.  Keeping fingers crossed.

NYC looks like a big mess.   Hope everyone (including my bro) can struggle through.

GNU Wget

GNU Wget.

Needed to quick download a copy of a website.  Quick google led me to wget, which makes the operation a simple one liner.

Unfortunately, its not part of OSX command line tool kit any more.  No problem, let me just download it and compile.  Oh look, Mountain Lion uninstalled the command line compiler tools like make.  Grumble.