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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

  • Chilling out with little lukey. happy even though its coming up on feeding time. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Hugh Laurie (15), Black Label Society (13) & Ben Harper And Relentless7 (11) #tweeklyfm #
  • OK Go – Needing/Getting amazing! #
  • Snuggler #
  • ick. jingles a hot mess at daycare drop off today. healthy, but now the attitude has taken a turn of the worse. #
  • sampling a starbucks blonde roast this morning. might lure some folks who don't like dark roast to starbucks, but I'll stick to Pike. #
  • hey, why isn't banshee scrobbling for me any more? oh yeah, need to enter credentials on new machine. #
  • first day flying solo (took old machine out of service) on linuxmint. come on, baby, don't let me down. I really wanna like you. #
  • interesting. plug speakers in back, they sound like an AM radio. plug speakers in front, over bass heavy. foo. #
  • hey, where is everybody at work? oh yeah, its a holiday. #oops #
  • ok, if I don't figureo out this mint window focus problem today, out to the curb she goes. #
  • daycare drop off for jingles about 99% less traumatic this morning. #phew #
  • hmm. wonder why the ubuntu 11.10 disc I just burned (with verify) on mac doesn't boot on my new dell hardware. #
  • re: last tweet… wow, 16Gb of ram for $109. #
  • hmm. ubuntu installer still downloading a lot of stuff even though I said don't download updates during install. #
  • hmm. ubuntu 11.10 seems to run a zillion times better than mint 12 on same hardware. #
  • Preparing to wake the 2yo for todays daycare adventure. Wish me luck. #
  • Ubuntu for Android Could Erase the Need for a Desktop Computer interesting #
  • how I spend my days:
    [% IF v.length > 20 %]
    [% v.replace('^(.{10}).*(.{10})$','$1 … $2') %]
    [% ELSE %]
    [% v %]
    [% END %] #
  • settling into my nice comfy new ubuntu 11.10 install. loving the upgraded hardware. #
  • Armory on sunny morning #
  • Decore #
  • Pipes #
  • Festive! #
  • unity – How do I disable the orange resizing of windows when I put then up against the edge of the screen? much better! #
  • Cat Catcher – #
  • would be great if some one would update twitter plugin for gnome-do to use oauth. #please #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Pink Floyd (32), Bob Dylan (30) & Roger Waters (23) #tweeklyfm #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-19

  • Som going for distance records when spitting pacifier out of mouth. Let me go pick it up for the 187th time today. #
  • #lastfm Artists: Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass (18), Red Hot Chili Peppers (14) & Frank Zappa (14) #
  • 'cause ctrl+alt+backspace was way to easy to remember #
  • Restarting GTD with Sleep Hygiene #
  • Oh great, think that jilly has that stomach bug that's been going around the daycare. #roughnightpart234 #
  • booting in win7 just long enough to burn install media. then installing linux. woo-hoo. #
  • so, burning that 'system recovery disk'. "this backup may be up to 26Gb in size." oh, great. #
  • slightly less frustrating day so far. think jingles may be on the mend. #
  • lukey found his thumb last night. "hey, I think I'm on to something here…" #
  • Homestead Steel Works amazing panarama #
  • totally enjoying some aimless web browsing whilst the kids nap. #
  • Ripoff apps plague some iOS developers #
  • Goodnight, iPad #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-12

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Genesis (21), Umphrey's McGee (20) & Michael Jackson (16) #tweeklyfm #
  • trying to quickly pay bills during a rare quiet moment in the Crowther house. #
  • reliving the good old days of bootlegs. downloading a 1Gb show in 100Mb chunks. #torrentplease #
  • Current Status: Pink Floyd: London 1989 #
  • Surprised that I still have a music player that plays shorten files. #
  • realized my everyday walking shoes were beyond worn out. that explains why my feet were aching every morning. #
  • let's see how these new all terrain New Balance kicks work out. stiff but comfy. #
  • Watched most of the superbowl. Must be getting old not; enough energy to find something else to watch. #yawn #
  • would be real nice if folks you're supposed to be testing with showed up on time. #
  • that construction drill noise outside my window is delightful. almost as delightful as the jackhammer it seemed to have replaced. #
  • nice mojo tear off with DBIx::Class MojoExample – #
  • oh, lookie there my phone was crashed for at least 10 hours. had to pull the battery and wait 5 min for it to reboot. #fail #
  • attempting scrub suck off of some old code. frustrated. #
  • Hoping to sneak in a long overdue hair cut… not sure about how successful I'll be. #
  • props to @VMUcare for making it super easy to swap phones with no human support. #
  • getting caught up on random housework before the kids get up. semi-successful so far. #
  • Another crazy saturday at the crowther house. Far too much whining, crying, and yelling. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-05

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Roger Waters (34), Umphrey's McGee (28) & Johnny Cash (19) #tweeklyfm #
  • Number two is overtired and playing the lets keep spitting out the pacifier game. Argh. #
  • super, 6" of snow overnight. oh right, it is winter. #
  • Mojolicious (Introduction)- Google Docs #
  • trying to do some IE testing in a virtual machine. xp decides now is great time to restart on its own to apply updates. #fortheloveof #
  • wondering why a xls file with 10,000 rows (6 simple columns) is 3.3Mb. whatevah. #
  • hanging out with Lukey while momma takes jingles to the dentist. #
  • sad that jingles missed seeing the garbage truck. that's one of her favorite tuesday activities. #
  • endless coughing slowly be replaced by endless sneezing. #
  • almost a coffee emergency at the office. good thing there was enough pike for one more pot hiding the freezer. #
  • Basecamp Next's caching hardware #