Monthly Archives: September 2011

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-25

  • fiddlesticks, new I should have turned from a/c to heat in the office before I left on friday. a might chilly, brr. #
  • giggling over website with browser requirements: Netscape Navigator 3.0, MS Internet Explorer 3.02, or AOL 3.0; that is still live. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Dave Matthews Band (54), Panic! At the Disco (42) & Hugh Laurie (41) #tweeklyfm #
  • Congrats to Ryan for a solid Syracuse Ironman showing. #
  • Walking to the dr is more time efficent than moving the car between garages. #
  • ok. its not just me. argh… android pictures not showing up in gallery #
  • trying to unwind with a tasty Saranac Black Forest. #
  • finally got some motivation and got out for a 6.5 miler earlier. felt pretty good. #
  • oh goodie, construction has the road closed right outside the office door. #
  • tracking down assorted accounting snafus. the fun never ends in the Crowther house. #
  • Trike Racing – Fast and the Furious #
  • I just got a $2 credit for Android apps from the @amazonappstore. Click to get yours. #get2 #
  • 'Nevermind' At 20: Producer Butch Vig On Nirvana thx. @gmorten1 #
  • Breast Cancer Awareness 2011 #
  • minor heart attack when macbook makes bizzaro noise in the middle of a firmware update reboot. seems to be all good now. phew. #
  • used Pages for the first time. I think I could get used to its nice full screen, minimal distraction mode. #
  • you have a great friday, too, person who flipped me off while cutting me off on thompson road this morning. #pleaselearnhowtodrive #
  • groceries got, lawn mowed, gutters cleared, almost time for a Saranac #
  • Guess all that juice in the car wasn't a good idea. While unloading the jingles, she unloaded all over me, moms car, and the garage floor #
  • Unexpected fireworks in my backyard. Too bad the trees between us and lemoyne are too tall. #

Updated Bingo Tech

As mentioned in the last post, I brought my little baby arrival betting app.  While the general idea is the same as the version that I made for Jilly (aka Critter), I rewrote most of the code to experiment with some newer technologies.  Here’s some details:

  • Switched framework from CGI::Application to Mojolicious.  Not terribly different coding wise, but Mojo seems to be faster to develop in.  It also runs persistent via FastCGI.
  • Rather than winging ORM, I’m giving DBIx::Class a shot.  Makes the easy stuff easier, but ran into learning curve trying to do harder stuff.  All in all, I think I like it though.
  • YUI for frontend.   Cut over all the prototype, scriptaculous, and protip stuff.  Added a bunch of widgets (carousel, dialogs, tabs).
  • Fancy web fonts from Google.
  • Twitter integration.  When bets are placed tweets are posted automatically.  Recent tweets are fetched and cached for display on the bingo main page.  Net::Twitter::Lite helped a lot here.

I’ve still got a few more features in mind, if I can ever find some time to and energy to get around to implementing them.  Stay tuned.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-18

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Umphrey's McGee (35), Dave Matthews Band (24) & Black Eyed Peas (17) #tweeklyfm #
  • nice moon lit run this morning after a rough night with the wee-one. #
  • Skeuomorph – the word of the day #
  • enjoying some extra sunlight in the office after a visit from the window washers. headache to begin in 3, 2, 1… #
  • shoot wanted to run again today but overslept. either clock radio fragged or dead air on 95x at 5am? #
  • johnny cash todo: #
  • fun! time lapse of dmb stage setup and show #
  • Organize anything, together w/ Trello #
  • crazy what trello can pull off in a browser! #
  • mmm. #mojolicious gets a lot nicer when you figure out how to make helpers. oh, yea, that hits the spot. #
  • if you like @KTTunstall and/or @OfficialAdele check out Florence + the Machine good stuff! #
  • and so it begins. climate control flipped from cool to heat. #
  • nothing I enjoy more than scrubbing cat puke out of carpet. still smells like a zoo in my home office. argh. #
  • trying to see why people love #coffescript so much. its faster to type, but seeing a terrible amount of gain beyond that. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-11

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Dave Matthews Band (26), Pink Floyd (25) & David Gilmour (22) #tweeklyfm #
  • scoring all the boots from last weekends DMB caravan show. #
  • Hmm the auto-orientation on my phone seems to be shot. Beginning to think all androids phones are junk… #
  • When I want to get to work, the driver's village shuttle is awol. Foo. #
  • wow, #failcrane strikes again. on a wednesday, no less. #
  • shoot, maybe a hp tab for $99 wasn't a complete waste? #
  • last minute wardrobe change necessitated by sippy cup missing the all important anti-spill valve. #
  • relatively uneventful 6.5 miler this morning. fog was kinda crazy. considering headlamp acquisition. #
  • looks like work is picking up on the sidewalks by the front door at work. productivity at desk to surrender. #
  • do I really want to know why the ubuntu package for adobe acrobat reader weighs in at 60Mb? pdf rendering doesn't take any rocket science. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-04

  • nothing I like more than being sick on the weekend. feels like I got hit by a truck and 102.1F fever. awesome. #
  • not much to report about hurricane remnants here. just rain and breeze. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds (36), The Black Keys (16) & Beastie Boys (15) #tweeklyfm #
  • why is this email taking so long to print out? oh, the default is to print the whole thread. thanks, gmail! #
  • Thruway closed glad I don't need to back east right now. yikes! #
  • I love it when a complicated bit of code runs right the first time through! #