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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-24

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Paul Simon (30), Ray Charles (29) & Amos Lee (29) #tweeklyfm #
  • awesome! my mom's komen tribute page has blasted past the goal! now at $722! We still need your help! #
  • Saranac pale pale ale. Mmm tasty. #
  • Out of commission with flu and/or strep throat. Everything hurts and I'm burning up. #
  • Worried that I'm gonna need an IV 'cause it hurts so much to drink. Struggle to get pills down. #
  • Hello android 2.2.2 update! Let's make things less crashy, k? #
  • Damn. Spent too long at work. Think I may have rebooted my recovery. Arch. #
  • Still trying to recover. Trick #1 don't let your ibuprofen run out. #
  • sore throat still inhibiting my coffee enjoyment. foo. #
  • body feels better today, but my brain is in some kind of fog. need to ratchet up the productivity. #
  • struggle through a whole day of work. too bad it felt I like half my brain home. #
  • random priority mail package addressed to the wee-one from address we don't know. stuff animal and nothing else. #paranoid #
  • cranky toddler alert. didn't sleep well last night. can't be pleased today. #
  • forgot its a food holiday weekend. wegmans was jammed. should have just did a u-turn in the parking lot. #
  • good read on priorities… Cranking #
  • iTunes almost pulled off the impossible by updating with stoping my song. but near the end it asked to shut 'er down. #almostawsome #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17

  • had a great lunch with sandy's brother @ cheese cake factory in rochester. #
  • amazingly baby friendly place, btw. ie: as soon as we sat down, they brought over kiddie plate with bread and banana slices. #
  • spent after a long day yesterday, and congested kid overnight. should have went running, and regretting it now. should have brought a pillow #
  • say what? a convertible Nissan Murano #
  • coupled with juke, I think the whole nissan design team may be drunk #
  • opened window to enjoy some fresh air. instead, I get all the diesel exhaust from the compressors and generators running for construction. #
  • …and all the noise too. foo. #
  • hmmm. bacn. #
  • Oscium's iMSO-104 turns your iPad into a mixed signal oscilloscope #
  • acquired new kicks for the jingles. $39 for toddler shoes and they're even brand name. oh well, she seems to like 'em. #
  • didn't get the big storms that the weather man promised. the wind is ripping pretty good now though. my get thunder yet. #
  • poof. a bunch of perl modules previously installed on my dreamhost account went missing. annoyed. #
  • Higher than normal productivity today. Let's keep this train a roll'n. #
  • Jonesing for a run. Hope the weather cooperates in the AM. #
  • raining like crazy when I wanted to run, so I bagged and fixed the mountain goat run volunteer signup page. #
  • Funny Parenting Photos Blog: Sh*t My Kids Ruined #
  • wanted to install a windows tool. needs .net update. download a 268k updater that tells me it wants to download 39Mb of stuff. #
  • then it blows up because full install will take 1039Mb and I've only got 740Mb free. #
  • cool. now you can actually find tool for program your dvr on without having to resort to search. finally. #
  • please stop ringing, crisis phone. I need my beauty rest. #
  • control + alt + delete'ng an xp vm for the umpteenth time. #
  • Its Komen Race for the Cure time, please help me raise funds and honor my Mom: #
  • Moose => Mouse => Mousse ? #
  • replaced my magic mouse with $10 logitech. there's that fast tracking I've been looking for. #
  • anybody wanna by an Apple Magic Mouse in very good condition? $45 direct message me. #
  • having a productive saturday, even with a cranky 16 month old. #
  • installed 2 towel bars. (we've been in the house 3 years, so, its probably time.) moved a mount of trash. did some personal site work. #
  • Tough day. The jingles a wreck most of the day. And, this isn't even the terrible twos yet. #gulp #
  • woke up with a headache. that means this day isn't likely to go well. #
  • enjoying last few minutes of quiet before the mayhem starts again. #crazytoddler #

Help me help a great cause!

The Mrs and I have done the Komen Race For the Cure many times in the past in support of friends and family affected by the tragedy of breast cancer.   This year the importance got kicked up another notch, with my Mom spending the last 5 months fighting a grueling battle with breast cancer herself.  She’s a fighter and is on the road back to normal, but its been new challenges for her and the rest of the family we could have done without.

In addition to our normal race day contributions, I’ve also set up a donation page in tribute of Mom:

Joan Crowther

Joan Crowther Komen Tribute

Its a tough time for anybody to donate right now.  Please be as generous as you can.  Even small donations help research that may help someone you love not have to suffer the same challenge in the future.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Black Eyed Peas (52), Black Label Society (27) & Art of Dying (26) #tweeklyfm #
  • mercy. the wee one was a handful today. nothing keeping her entertained for more than 10 minutes. #
  • back and arm all messed up this morning. that'll teach to do an extra nice job vacuuming the wife's car. #
  • opened up fresh can of whoop ass on some annoying bugs. feeling almost productive. lets hope it sticks. #
  • Not-A-Kludge: That’s Just Unsettling #
  • love my cats. one howling at 3am. the other barfing at 5:30. argh. #
  • amos lee then black eyed peas? yep, that's how I roll. #
  • jilly was bopping along to some Stevie Wonder in the Best Buy home theater room #
  • hmm. haven't run in a few weeks. out of the blue I've got a knee that's wicked sore. argh. #
  • good lawd, if tonight was a preview of the terrible twos, we're in Big Trouble. #
  • and the icing on the cake is a cat that won't stop howling. he's not likely to last till the morning. #
  • That was a pretty funny @MythBusters. Adam and Jamie dressing up as each other and trying to spoof fans. #
  • excellent. I slept all the away through the night. was wide awake at 3 for the last few nights. #
  • Progress! #
  • Ooo. Sparkles! #
  • Probably not my next ride #
  • …and 2 hours later… #
  • follow progress of Landmark Theatre stage expansion in my flick feed: #
  • running pre kid: everyday. running post kid: once a week, maybe, if I'm lucky #
  • boo. firefox 4 mobile no go on my samsung intercept. #
  • amazon cloud player is a go though. kinda like it more that I thought I would. #
  • feeling brilliant after remapping keyboard short cut for screen shot to clipboard from shift + control + command + 4 to just F6. #
  • cats are supposed to hate water, right? how come my cat is having a ball splashing half a gallon of water out of his dish right now? #
  • Moving right along… #
  • up early to try to sneak a run in before the normal weekend mayhem. #
  • feeling productive. 5.5 miles done, shower, and breakfast before 7. probably means I'll be asleep before Jilly tonight. #
  • ooo. just used the Thunderbolt connector on the new mac. Too bad its just to hook up a monitor. #
  • still love FIOS. lemme download that new ubuntu beta. in 3 min. #
  • spinning up a new ubuntu 10.10 vm. haven't installed from scratch lately. #
  • I like the way the installer asks you questions while copying files in the background. brilliant! #
  • preparing for nap time after busy day on the jingles entertainment committee. think a nice Saranac Summer Ale is in order. #
  • sent my first mac (2006 white macbook) home with a loving new owner. sniff. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Amos Lee (35), Black Eyed Peas (26) & Stone Temple Pilots (16) #tweeklyfm #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03

  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Black Label Society (39), Roger Waters (23) & Santana (20) #tweeklyfm #
  • oh crap. bird crap. #
  • Live music at the Paradise Market? Jilly approved. Quite the dancer… #
  • bonechilling 3.5 miles this morning. at least it wasn't slippery. #
  • hello, tr.rowIndex. where have you been all my life? #
  • pleasantly surprised that I haven't lost the little plastic clip that protects the contacts on my cookey usb drive yet. #
  • enjoyed a nice intermission from my breakfast to go and clean up more cat puke. #anybodywantacat #
  • saw a sonata (older body style) customized with a hood scoop and two additional hood vents. why? #
  • People who live in paper houses shouldn't throw cats #
  • should I adorn my mbp? #
  • I gots me some weird taste in music. #
  • tasty javascript templates #
  • Jackhammer on extension ladder 20 feet up. Safety line attached to ladder #
  • Autocompleter – Mountain View – US jobs – Google #
  • wanted jingles to check out Fritz's Polka Band and Paradise Market, but nap time was same as start time. she didn't make it. #